How to Implement Vehicle Telematics in OCPP Backends

How to Implement Vehicle Telematics in OCPP Backends

What is vehicle telematics?

What are the most recent telematic trends?

Why is vehicle telematics important for electric vehicles?

  • Drivers rely on the range of their electric vehicles more than ever before. Having the most recent insights that provide details on “what is happening inside the car” helps them to make better decisions on when and how to charge their vehicles.
  • Fleet operators often need to manage several objectives simultaneously: on-time departure, long battery and vehicle life, and low energy consumption costs. Doing this blind is close to impossible. Vehicle telematics helps in this respect.
  • Charging stations and vehicles are connected during the charging process. However, not many hardware manufacturers have implemented communication standards such as ISO 15118. Hence, the charging stations are often unable to read any vehicle data such as the SoC. Even if they communicate with each other, vehicle data is often missing before and after the charging sessions.‍

What is OCPP?

How to implement telematics in a smart charging system

  • Poor reliability and lack of on-time departure: the operator is afraid that the vehicles might not be fully charged when needed. Especially because vehicles often come back later than expected or have to leave earlier.
  • Higher power demand: Utilities might restrict the power supply in the next years or charge high demand chargers per Kilowatt of power.
  • High and volatile energy prices: energy rates can change all the time. Especially right now many utilities are implementing new EV rates. These are often TOU rates or spot pricing rates, that easily make charging 30–60% more expensive than expected.
architecture of connection of vehicle telematics, fleet operator, CPO partner, EV charger
  • High uptime and on-time departure of the vehicles.
  • Sufficient charge for the planned route on the following day.
  • Reduce total energy costs and possible utility fees.
  • Send frequent data from the charging process such as meter values to the optimization system.
  • Send charging commands (charging profiles) from the optimization system to the charging station.
  • Serves as telematics backup during the charging process if the telematics system is interrupted.‍




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Joachim Lohse (CEO and founder of

Joachim Lohse (CEO and founder of

Founder and CEO of Ampcontrol ( an AI-powered software for smart charging for electric vehicles.