How to Use Demand Response With Electric Vehicles and OCPP Backends

demand-response events with smart charging — Ampcontrol

What is Demand Response?

  • Utility companies can provide smart meters and smart grid technology to improve consumption monitoring and flag up peak demand times.
  • Consumers can take action by reducing the use of services during peak demand times — switching off lights, air conditioning, and other unnecessary electrical items and machinery.

How to implement demand response with electric vehicles

Demand response for electric fleets

What does a demand response event actually look like?

  • PRICE_ABSOLUTE — The price per kilowatt‐hour
  • PRICE_RELATIVE — A change in the price per kilowatt‐hour
  • PRICE_MULTIPLE — A multiple of a basic rate per kilowatt‐hour
  • LOAD_AMOUNT — A fixed amount of load to shed or shift
  • LOAD_PERCENTAGE — The percentage of load to shed or shift
Demand response message load amount
demand response profile load amount




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