What is a Charging Management Software for Electric Vehicles?

Charging Management System Ampcontrol

Why everybody needs EV Charging Management Software (CMS)

What are some core CMS functionalities?

CMS core functionalities EVs

Energy Management & Utility Integration

Fleet Optimization & Vehicle Telematics

Payment Methods

Hardware Monitoring

Access Control

Alert System & Troubleshooting

How to choose the best Charging Management Software for your operations?

Electric Fleet Operations

Electric Fleet Operations with Ampcontrol
  • Vehicle telematics integration
  • Load sharing for fleets
  • V2G capabilities‍

Public Charging

Public EV charging with Ampcontrol
  1. Managing not only the charger’s power usage but also the building’s power consumption so you don’t oversubscribe your power capacity.
  2. Managing the charger’s power load, and dynamic load sharing, so there are no power outages due to the usage.
  3. Providing payment methods for the users who are charging their EVs
  • Building Load optimization
  • Load Sharing Optimization
  • Payment Method‍

24/7 Carbon Neutral Operations

Carbon Neutral EV operations with Ampcontrol
  1. Including solar energy and batteries in your depot in order to access clean energy when available and not rely on utilities.
  2. Managing your charging operations closely, making sure all vehicles will be ready for their shift.
  3. Making sure the warehouse and charging loads do not exceed your site’s power capabilities.
  • Building Load Optimization
  • Load Sharing Optimization
  • Vehicle Schedule Integration
  • Solar Energy and Battery Optimization‍

CMS improves charging and makes your life easier



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Joachim Lohse (CEO and founder of Ampcontrol.io)

Joachim Lohse (CEO and founder of Ampcontrol.io)

Founder and CEO of Ampcontrol (https://www.ampcontrol.io/) an AI-powered software for smart charging for electric vehicles.