What is Smart Charging for Electric Vehicles?

What is Smart Charging?

Main Benefits of Smart Charging for EVs

  • Correct charging point selection: Smart charging helps the EV driver to select the right type of charging station for their vehicle and requirements, based on the time of departure and how much energy is needed for their journey. This will prove to be a big benefit as companies are already beginning to mix fast (DC) and slow (AC) chargers at various locations.
  • Cost savings: Smart charging also helps to control the cost of charging, especially in countries with volatile energy prices. Smart charging enables drivers to mitigate the effects of dynamic energy pricing, spot pricing, and time-of-use rates.
  • Energy efficiency: Smart charging can be used in conjunction with energy storage, renewable energy sources, or directly to power plants. This helps to create a ‘micro-grid’, rather than relying on the main grid. In other words, smart charging is able to control the total amount of power available at locations, helping to make charging more efficient and environmentally friendly.‍

Why is Smart Charging Important & Who Benefits?

Fleet Charging

  1. Which EV to choose, e.g. electric van or truck
  2. How to charge many vehicles at the same time at a single depot.
  • Add more transformers and power lines to increase power capacity at a cost of millions (or even tens of millions).
  • Implement a much more affordable smart charging solution that will optimize charging and help manage vehicle schedules, routes, and shifts, as well as manage power input.

Customer Charging & Employee Charging

Residential Charging

How to Implement Smart Charging‍

Using OCPP to Connect with Charging Stations

Managing Optimization Goals




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Joachim Lohse (CEO and founder of Ampcontrol.io)

Joachim Lohse (CEO and founder of Ampcontrol.io)

Founder and CEO of Ampcontrol (https://www.ampcontrol.io/) an AI-powered software for smart charging for electric vehicles.